• Dcode Solutions changed the way Siemens developed new biomarkers using thier proprietory software that can talk to all our equipment remotely.

    Ed Ball
  • Dcode Solutions has the best talent for unimaginable and intitive user interfaces that our staff love using everyday and are now patented by Siemens

    Arkadij Elizarov
  • There are many ideas that we come up with everyday. Dcode solutions makes these ideas possible with the best technology support and execution.

    Samir Chauhan
  • Dcode's technology team helped Honda Motors stop 2 recalls within the first year of thier warranty analysis application implementation.

    Arun Y
  • Dcode's technology team again helped Honda Motors implement a Vehicle Tracking solution that tracks all our cars in North America and Canada.

    Andrea W
  • Dcode Solutions web based solution helped Amex move fraud detection algorithms from test to production in matter of minutes as compared to a week.

    Miles Baker
  • Dcode Solutions helped Intel implement a company wide, single signon application security used by 750 hetrogenous enterprise applications.

    Paul Guidry
  • Without Dcode Solutions we at Wellsfargo Bank would not be able to implement our mortgage solution now used by millions of users on our corporate website.

    David Puggie
  • Dcode helped Microsoft put a leaderboard portal with integration to our CMS for news, videos and articles for the Gears of War game launch.

    Kevin Duba
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